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Partners & Levit Wins
Eye Care International

NEW YORK— Eye Care International International, Tampa, (EYCI), has awarded its advertising and media relations account to Partners & Levit Inc. Eye Care International International is the nation’s leading discount eye care network marketing through groups. 

”Eye Care International International is an aggressive marketer that has made joint marketing arrangements with leading affinity groups, financial institutions, associations and others. Partners & Levit’s strategy will be to support Eye Care International International’s channels and facilitate the distribution of its marketing partners’ products.”

The agency’s assignments include branding, advertising, collateral, partnership development and media relations.

Clark Marcus, Eye Care International’s president and CEO said, “We are especially excited to enter into this relationship with Partners & Levit since the agency’s philosophy is consistent with ours. Partners & Levit is responsive, creative and provides a point-of-view that’s valuable to Eye Care International International and its marketing partners.”

Eye Care International owns and operates the nations largest discount vision plan with approximately 14,000 locations nationwide. It is the only national discount vision plan with Ophthalmologists who discount all of their services, including cosmetic surgery such as LASIK and CO2 laser skin resurfacing surgeries. In addition to being sold at retail, the Company has contracted with a number of other healthcare plans, as well as insurance carriers, so that the Company’s plan is seamlessly incorporated as a primary vision plan or as a supplement to an existing vision plan. Eye Care International’s members and their families enjoy savings of between 20% and 60% on all eyewear and eye care needs.  For more information visit www.eyecareintl.com.

Partners & Levit Inc. is an aggressive New York advertising agency that leverages branding, advertising, sales promotion, direct mail, seminar selling, the Internet, and other channels to guide prospects along a continuum until they become customers.  The agency’s heritage dates from 1981.  For more information about Partners & Levit, visit: www.partnerslevit.com or call 212.696.1200.