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You don�t have to be good.

Do you have to be good at what you do? That is, does your personal welfare hinge on how well you do your job? More so, does your job impact the lives of others? Employees, managers, customers, business associates,

Mark S. Levit

suppliers and consultants, for example?

Big responsibility, isn�t it?

It would be great to have a well paying job where you didn�t have to be very good at what you did � and the result of your mediocre output impacted neither your personal well being, the well beings of others � and you made a good living, to boot! Vice President of the United States certainly falls in this category.

I�ve thought long and hard about it, and I�ve got some new careers for your consideration.

For example, consider being an Economist. You�ll need to appear to have the intellectual capacity of a fully staffed brain trust. And your ability to comprehend far-flung complex financial concepts must look to be monumental. Pretend you understand supply- and demand-side theory, monetary policy, how factors such as unemployment affect the big picture and what effect the prime interest rate has on borrowing and spending. When speaking about these topics, the more confusing you sound, the more credibility you�ll achieve.

I�ve never seen two economists in a room who agree on any aspect of the economy. Although they appear to have the solutions to every economic dilemma, they don�t.

Economists have little or no effect on the economy. All they have to do is forecast. And considering their records, they don�t do a very good job. They simply don�t have to.

Ironically enough, though, there�s very little unemployment among economists.

Don�t want to have to appear smart? Consider becoming a Weather Person.

It�s the weather person�s job to predict the weather. They�re equipped with a lot of sophisticated technology. They�ve got satellites hovering over earth beaming back pictures of weather patterns in real time. They�ve got high-tech Doppler-4 radar. They�ve got barometers and thermometers. A lot of them even have degrees in meteorology, so they must know how to use that stuff.

Sadly though, the only thing a Weather Person can accurately predict is the time of day they�ll appear on television or radio.

Their record of accuracy, for the New York area anyway, is about 50%. That�s a failing grade in all the schools I�ve ever attended.

I�m certain I can predict tomorrow�s weather 50% of the time. Hey, Al Roker, can one of us have your job when you�re tired of it?

Imagine if your company�s marketing director only produced results half the time. Would your company stay in business?

Maybe it would. John Wanamaker, famed retailer, said, �I know half of my advertising doesn�t work. I just don�t know what half that is.�

Hmmm. Maybe I don�t have to be very good at what I do, after all. Perhaps I work too hard. What about you?

Are you good at what you do? Let me know. Call me at 212.696.1200.
I admire good work!

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