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Levit Appointed Fellow of North American Academy of Arts and Sciences

New York – Mark Levit, founder and managing partner of Partners & Levit Inc., and a professor of marketing at New York University, has been appointed Fellow of the North American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a scholarly organization providing a forum for professionals from various disciplines who have demonstrated expertise in the fields of the sciences and arts, regardless of their nationalities or backgrounds.

The appointment followed the publication of Levit’s theory on The Effects of Branding in a Recession. “The paper focused on opportunities for companies that are aggressive during times of economic weakness,” said Levit. “The challenge was developing research that didn’t sound self-serving.”

The publication, available only to members of the North American Academy of Arts and Sciences, asserts that “a brand is more easily established during a recession and, unlike popular theory, pivots on product performance rather than advertising and promotion,” Levit said, “Focusing on cost cutting in the areas of customer service and product quality have a clear impact on a brand’s long-term viability.”

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