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Partners & Levit Advertising Wins Agilent Healthcare Advisors 

NEW YORK—Agilent Healthcare Advisors has awarded its advertising and media relations account to Partners & Levit Inc. Agilent Healthcare Advisors is the nation’s foremost health care executive search, turn around and health care development consultancy.

Agilent Healthcare Advisors’ president and CEO, John Prufeta said, “The combined experiences of the company’s staff and network have been packaged into a ‘new and improved’ offering to the traditional customer base of health insurers, HIT organizations and hospitals. We believe Agilent delivers a great set of capabilities for the health care industry.  Partners & Levit’s record of successes in these categories made their firm a natural choice for Agilent Healthcare Advisors to grow our brand and introduce our innovations to the health care community”

Agilent Healthcare Advisors also offers a proprietary protocol to serve health care private equity firms and early stage health care organizations as well as health care organizations requiring expert turn-around capabilities.

Mark Levit, managing partner of the agency said, “Agilent Healthcare Advisors is the most advanced consulting organization within its category. It’ll be Partners & Levit’s mission to support the brand’s pristine reputation and grow its reach and influence.”

The agency’s assignments include branding, advertising, collateral, new media technologies and media relations.

Partners & Levit Inc. is an aggressive New York advertising agency that leverages branding, advertising, sales promotion, direct response, media relations, seminar selling, the Internet, and other channels to guide prospects along a continuum until they become loyal customers.  The agency’s heritage dates from 1981.  For more information about Partners & Levit, visit: www.partnerslevit.com or call 212/696-1200.