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doc’s Guide to Partners & Levit 

NEW YORK—Partners & Levit Advertising has won the advertising and sales promotion account of doc’s Guide, Inc., researcher, processor and marketer of clinical grade vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.

Mark Levit, the agency’s managing partner said, “The research physicians at doc’s Guide have developed impressive nutritional formulations based on studies from the world’s leading medical research institutions including Harvard, Cambridge, Tufts and other universities. The agency feels strongly about doc’s Guide products.  Several staff members have begun using them and have experienced improvements in their cognitive and physical functions.” In addition, research suggests that doc’s Guide’s supplement formulations have a preventative effect against many common diseases. 

Bo Martinsen MD, president and CEO of doc’s Guide commented, “Following a thorough agency review, we feel Partners & Levit’s breadth of experience, energy and knowledge of our markets will catapult us toward the brand leadership we seek.”

The agency’s assignments include branding, packaging, advertising, sales promotion, direct mail and Internet marketing.

Partners & Levit Inc. is an aggressive New York advertising agency that leverages branding, advertising, sales promotion, direct mail, seminar selling, the Internet, and other channels to guide prospects along the sales continuum until they become customers.  The agency’s heritage dates from 1981.  For more information about Partners & Levit, visit: www.partnerslevit.com or call 212/696-1200.