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Partners + Levit is pleased for the opportunity to share with you some of the accumulated knowledge the agency has gained through years of research and real-world experience.  

Sex in Advertising
Humor in Advertising
Advertising That Annoys
Does Advertising Wear Out?


Give Your Brand Some Cool
What’s In a Name?
Brand Building: An Architectural View
Branding Made Very Simple
Make the Recession Work for Your Brand

Direct Response
Direct Talk About Direct Response
Sales Leads Made Easy

The Case for Magazines
The Case for Outdoor Advertising
The Case for Radio
The Case for Television
Mobile Messaging: Creating a Buzz Among Marketers

The Seven Great Truths of Marketing
The Twelve Impacts of Technology on Marketing
Bundling Up
Savvy Marketers Profit from the Recession
Getting Your Customers to Buzz
Performing a Simple Competitive Analysis
Sponsorships Made Easy
Marketing Success Defined
The Difference Between Men and Women
Performing a Simple Competitive Analysis

Open Your Sales Force To a Quicker Close

Internet Marketing
16 Ways to Lure Traffic to Your Web Site
CRM: Heaven or Hype?
Marketing At the Speed of Light
7 Reasons You Should Publish an E-newsletter

Establishing Your Marketing Investment
Your brand’s Competitive Position and Market Environment
New Product Activity
Your brand’s Market Growth
Capacity Utilization
Low Ticket Items
Product Importance to The Customer
Budgeting Considerations and Your Product’s Characteristics
The Price-Performance Relationship
Your Pricing Relative to Your Competitiors’
Uour Pricing Relative to Your Product’s Quality.
Budgeting Related to High Pricing and High Value
Budgeting Related To the Breadth of Your Offering
Budgeting Related to Standard and Produced-to-order Products
The Partners + Levit Budgeting Discussion: Conclusion

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"Mark Levit is managing partner of Partners + Levit Advertising and a professor of marketing at New York University. For more information, please visit www.partnerslevit.com or email markl@partnerslevit.com"