His odd observations.

His views from different angles.

His insightful rants.

He’s our managing partner.
And even though “marketing”
begins with “Mark”, he’s about lots more.
These are his words.
And he’s stickin’ to ‘em!

Mark My Words

A Quick Meeting
Mark has observed the need for speed.  From prehistoric times, through now.

I’ve Seen the Future
Mark thinks he’s a time traveler. Only he knows!

It’s Remarkable
Mark’s got writer’s block. And everyone at Partners & Levit kind of likes it!

The Social Security Solution.
Concerned about your retirement and the Social Security Trust? Mark’s found an easy solution. And it’s painless!

Coach Me.

Mark wants to know who are the people trying to help him with his goals?

The Power User.
Mark’s evaluating how much time he’s gained since becoming computer literate.

Getting Respect.
Everyone wants respect. Mark thought he was getting some!

I Am a Registerd Trademark.
Mark found a new revenue stream. And it may affect you!

Voice Mail Hell.
Mark simply asked for service. But he was sent to hell!

The Languages We Speak.
French? Spanish? Japanese? Mark says it’s all Greek to him!

You Don’t Have to Be Good.
Mark was wondering, "What’s the perfect occupation?"
And thinks he’s figured it out!

I’m Afraid. You’re Afraid.
He always seems fearless to us. But Mark is afraid. And that means we should be, too!

Leveling the Playing Field in Business.
It’s the top of the 9th, Meanie dribbles down court and fades back for the pass. Gooaalll! Mark needs a translation.

Operating Light Machinery.
He’s an early adopter. He loves technology.
  But Mark can’t figure out how to make toast!

They Love Me.  No, They Don’t.
Somebody loves him. But Mark has become cautious about entering into new relationships.

Private Information.
He’s feeling a little paranoid. Mark thinks someone may be watching him. And you.

Verizon: The Product Doesn’t Deliver the Promise.
He’s mad as hell. Mark is angry at the phone company!

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