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4) CREATIVE STRATEGY STATEMENT: Although media and creative people seldom interact at large advertising agencies, media planners can be more creative themselves if they are familiar with the strategy with which the creative people are working. Editorial environment or programming may be an influence, as may special issues or space units. Knowledge of the creative aspect is invaluable to the professional planner.

5) PREDETERMINED MEDIA/MEDIA RESTRICTIONS/UNITS OF SPACE & TIME: The media planner must be informed of prior commitments management or other agencies have in effect, whether management has mandated that certain publications or networks not be supported due to unfavorable editorial coverage or if certain space and time units have already been determined for use (such as a commercial that has already been produced).

6) MARKETING CONSIDERATIONS: Media placement is perhaps the most powerful of all the advertising disciplines. Properly targeted, it can have tremendous impact on consumer behavior. Through accurate interpretation of marketing research and other market facts, media can be specified to alter the behavior of specific sub segments of the target audience.

For that reason, it is important for the professional media planner to know management’s rank of importance for increasing usage among present customers, attracting nonusers, converting competition’s users, or "other."

A. DEMOGRAPHIC TARGET: The various research services available to the media professional enable him or her to be highly accurate in reaching a brand’s customers. Marketing research should be a key element in accumulating demographic information about the most likely customer in terms of:

1. Sex
2. Age
3. Income
4. Other
5. Family Size
6. Education
7. Ethnicity

B. GEOGRAPHIC TARGET: Supporting a product where there is no distribution is no support at all. Conversely, brands that receive support in areas with strong distribution can become strong brands. That’s why media professionals can deliver the best strategy when provided geographical data including:

1. National
a. Territories (Nelson or Other)
b. Markets (Nelson or Other)

2. International
a. Countries or Regions

A. SEASONALLY (% SALES BY QUARTER): Cold medicines require sales support in the winter. Tax preparation services require support in the first quarter. Suntan lotions in the summer. The media professional asks, During what period should media be flighted to most effectively modify consumer behavior for the maximum benefit of the brand?