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The Case For Newspapers
First in a series about the media available to serious marketers

Providing wide reach and immediacy, newspapers provide broad-based reach and geographic precision.  Usually providing coverage of individual DMAs (Demographic Marketing Areas) or cities, consumers have a relationship with their daily and weekly newspapers.  Reading a newspaper is a morning or evening ritual.  Newspapers enable advertisers to have their advertisements appear quickly – closing dates are generally just a couple of days before publication.  Newspapers offer editorial compatible with their subject-specific sections.  And newspapers offer high frequency opportunities with most of the majors publishing daily.

Newspapers have their drawbacks, too.  For example, if budget won’t allow a sustained campaign, each issue (and therefore the brand message) gets thrown out with the prior day’s garbage.  Graphic reproduction is generally of lower quality than any other visual media.  And multi newspaper buys are typically difficult to execute since few production standards have been agreed upon within the newspaper industry.

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