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Seven Great Truths of Marketing

by Mark Levit

Management often maintains an internal view of its company or product. But a great marketer walks in the customer�s shoes. Here are seven considerations to help you be a great marketer:

1. Focus on the Customer Benefit

  • Have a defensible value proposition
  • Give customers a reason to buy
  • Avoid the �Product Orientation� trap
  • Don�t focus on product features
         �Example: The chemical formulation of Super Glue
           doesn�t matter

2. All Markets Can be Segmented

  • Markets are comprised of people (not industries or
     competitive products)
  • Most segments can be sub-segmented for additional
    profitability if you meet the customers� needs
  • In any market, some people want to pay more
  • In any market, some people can only afford to pay less

3. Have a Clear Strategy


    �Use economies of scale to leverage the company�s R&D into undeserved international markets� is better than:
    �Should we do more in Europe?�

4. Do a �Cocktail Napkin� Calculation

  • If everything worked as planned, what would the payoff be?
  • $10MM promo budget isn�t enough for a national US launch
         �10 percent is 26,000,000 people
         �That�s $0.26 per person
  • Worst-case scenario
  • Best-case scenario

5. Live and Die By Your Brand

  • Make sure the brand has meaning
         �An emotional attachment creates value for the customer
  • Manage all images and associations
  • Above all, consistency

6. Be Good to Your Channel and Your Channel Will
   Be Good to You

  • Nurture channel members��walk in their shoes��learn what
     motivates them
  • Think win-win: Develop appropriate incentives
  • Don�t be afraid to revise your plan
  • Honesty will take you a long way

7. Cute Advertisements Win Awards, Not Customers

  • There�s much more to promotion than broad based
     advertising�question the media plan
  • Before evaluating advertising or promotion ask:
     What�s the promotional task?

Find out more about the truths of marketing. Contact our managing partner Mark Levit, at 212.696.1200 for more information. 



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