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The Case For Television
Third in a series about the media available
to serious marketers

by Mark Levit

Television’s primary advantage is the impact it can deliver through motion and sound.  Television has built many brands and has sustained their strength through the years.  Television is a mass medium, making its primary strength audience reach.  It also gives the advertiser’s senior management "bragging rights" at social functions!  A rapidly emerging sub sector within the television business is cable television, an intriguing media consideration for any advertiser with brands that appeal to customers with special interests.  Although cable television can be very cost effective in terms of out of pocket expense, its strength of precision targeting is only true in comparison to its sisters, network and local spot television.

When compared to print media, particularly when considering a need to limit advertising exposure to specific geographies, cable CPM can be quite reasonable.  Television satisfies the need to build awareness quickly, though not with precision, unlike most print media.

The cost of producing a television commercial, whether for network, spot or local cable television, must be a consideration when selecting the medium.  Americans are accustomed to high production values, which give a brand much of its personality.  Production can decimate a small to medium-sized advertiser’s budget.

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