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The Case For Radio
Fourth in a series about the media available
to serious marketers

by Mark Levit

Often referred to as "theater of the mind," radio provides an opportunity to reach a target audience affordably within an involving environment and with effective message frequency:  Its low out-of-pocket expense coupled with its pervasive nature, as consumers spend more time with radio than they do with print, makes it an attractive media consideration.

Given the objective of establishing a brand image, radio serves as an excellent image-builder.  And unlike television, production is affordable.

Consumers maintain a relationship with radio, different from most other media vehicles.  Radio taps strongly into a consumer’s "personal media network."

Radio is often used as an adjunct to print to reinforce a brand’s personality as well as for additional reach.  Many advertisers can benefit from this media combination without sacrificing their budgets to production.

Radio offers immediacy.  Consumers often respond quickly to commercials they hear.  Plus, commercials can be scheduled days before they air, unlike magazines, which often have 30 to 90-day "closing dates."

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