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The Case For Outdoor
Fifth in a series about the media available
to serious marketers

by Mark Levit

An interesting and effective choice for awareness building, especially in urban areas, are telephone kiosks, city panels (the back of a phone kiosk facing the street) and bus shelters. These venues provide a geographical targeting opportunity greater than any other vehicle, especially where the advertiser’s customer base is limited by proximity factors.  Zip code buying ensures a highly targeted buy.

Multiple daily and nightly exposures generate awareness quickly.  Monthly buys can allow for this medium to be used as a complement to a continuous print or broadcast plan.

Outdoor’s image building capacity, simply by virtue of the physical size of the creative element, is very attractive given specific objectives.

One caveat:  Outdoor has the least audience research associated with it compared to any other major medium.  It is, by nature, a secondary media consideration. Media selection is the responsibility of a media professional, an individual experienced in how the various media work and who is able to interpret data from various sources such as independent publication audit reports (BPAs, ABCs, etc.), Nielsen, MRI, Arbitron and others.

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