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(NEW YORK – May 2, 2005) — UnitedHealth Group International has tapped Partners & Levit Inc to raise its profile among stakeholders.  The business unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc. has carefully selected overseas ventures over the last 10 years and has formalized a flexible approach to overseas joint ventures.

According to a UnitedHealth Group International spokesman, “The Company selected Partners & Levit for its multinational experience as well as its background in healthcare marketing.  The new partnership is going more smoothly than anticipated.”

Mark Levit, managing partner of Partners & Levit said, “Everyone with whom we’ve worked at UnitedHealth Group International has been extremely cooperative, from CEOs to middle managers. It’s inspiring to work with this team of executives whose mission is delivering affordable, quality, usable and accessible health care worldwide.”

The breadth of the agency’s assignment has not yet been determined, however, meetings with a number of subsidiaries’ CEOs has already taken place.

Partners & Levit Inc. is an aggressive New York advertising agency that leverages branding, advertising, sales promotion, direct response, seminar/event selling, the Internet, and other channels to guide prospects along a continuum until they become loyal customers.  The agency’s heritage dates from 1981.  For more information about Partners & Levit, visit www.partnerslevit.com or call 212-696-1200.