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Partners & Levit Completes Phase I
Packaging Assignment

Partners & Levit has completed the first phase of its package design assignment for Wellcore, multinational marketer of clinical-grade nutritional supplements.

According to Managing Partner, Mark Levit, “Wellcore’s brand attributes are clearly reflected in the packaging the agency designed.  It communicates a modern European flair with a decidedly pharmaceutical, appearance.”

Levit explained, “The client’s core product is men’s and women’s Essentials™, a comprehensive daily nutritional supplement program.

“For those who don’t wish to take more than three pills per day or get adequate calcium and selenium from their diets, Wellcore offers Trio™.

“For young women and expectant mothers, Wellcore developed Expectations™.  In addition, Omega3000™ and OmegaFocus™ were developed for people who prefer liquid supplementation,” Levit added.    

Wellcore’s nutritional technology is built around omega-3 with EPA and DHA, which the human body can’t manufacture and is only found in fatty fish.  Leading medical authorities have begun to recognize the wide of benefits offered by omega-3 with EPA and DHA.

Levit concluded, “The agency enjoys a collaborative partnership with the research physicians, marketing executives and others at Wellcore.” We’re proud to be recognized as agency-of-record for this leading-edge company. 

Partners & Levit Inc. is a New York marketing services firm that leverages branding, advertising, sales promotion, direct mail, event marketing, the Internet, and other channels to guide prospects along the sales continuum until they become customers. The agency’s heritage dates from 1981.