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Partners & Levit believes that great advertising isn’t irreverent photographs and catchy headlines. Great advertising is the result of a carefully developed creative strategy. An effective creative strategy grows from marketing objectives. These objectives grow out of problems and opportunities, which grow out of strategic facts. This discipline provides creative people with information they can use to interpret into their own internal and consumer languages.

    1. Strategic Facts. These are the foundation for direction. Partners & Levit prepares a series of focused statements that distill all available information about your brand, market, competition, past promotional performance, etc.—elements most relevant to brand building.

    2. Definition of Marketing Problem. This should grow from, and relate to, the strategic facts. It can be a brand, market or image problem. Partners & Levit knows the best advertising is designed to solve problems.

    3. Marketing Objective. A clear, concise statement of the effect the creative platform is intended to have on the customer.

    4. The Components of Creative Strategy:

    a. Principal Competition: A clear statement of the arena in which your brand competes: the sources from which sales must come.

    b. Target Audience Profile: For creative development, Partners & Levit defines the target audience in terms of attitudinal attributes, life styles, etc.

    c. Promise: Partners & Levit also prefers to make the best argument possible for your brand in light of the foregoing circumstances.

    d. Reason-why: A statement that directly supports your promise.

    Guidelines Partners & Levit uses for writing it are:

    • Grows out of a real product fact—preferably a single one.
    • If there is no product reason-why, authority can sometimes be borrowed from the brand’s reputation.
    • Otherwise, the manner and mood of the creative platform must be utilized to impart believability and generate motivation.
    • It should always be as distinctly competitive as possible.

    e. Tone and Manner: Describe the voice with which the customer should be addressed.

    f. Mandatories and Policy Limitations: Any restrictions or dicta which are necessary to a clear understanding of creative direction.

Partners & Levit delivers advertising that works. Because our exclusive creative strategy methodology assures we have a common understanding of the direction in which we should be headed.

Learn more about how the Partners & Levit approach to creative strategy development can make your marketing initiatives more productive.
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