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Privileges. Employees that excel at helping the company meet its objectives deserve special privileges. For example, employees that work past 7:00PM for one of our clients, receive a free taxi ride home.

A California restaurant chain takes a poll each month to elect each store’s Employee of the Month. Store managers have their favorites, of course, but other employees know who truly has gone above and beyond. The winner at each store is awarded a special Employee of the Month parking space. What a motivate!

Depending on your company’s objectives, you might consider a similar departmental vote to elect several employees each month and award the group a luncheon with your company’s chairman or president, plus a framable certificate for their office wall. People feel important when they have the ear of senior management. And feeling important is key in motivating your employees.

There’s a lot more to this story.  For more information about salesperson and employee incentive strategies,  [Click here].   

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